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TBF/SAF State Championship

The national federation officially announced today that the Georgia State Championships will be on Lake Lanier March 3rd at Laurel Park.  Which will conflict with our trail tournament.  Therefore I have moved our March 3rd Tournament to March 17th to ensure that we don’t conflict.  They also announced some exciting news for the State Champions and National Championships.
Update 1: We will update the page once the write up comes in from the Tournament officials. Heavy storms forced the early weight-in, but there were still some great weights! Congrats to everyone who attended and glad you all stayed safe.

Update 2: Congratulations to our Greenbrier Teams who fished the TBF/SAF High School Georgia State Championship tournament on Lake Lanier on Sunday, March 3, 2019. All of our teams did a great job in some tough lake and weather conditions.

Our Greenbrier Teams finished:

14th Place – Cy Casey & Tanner Hadden – Captain D.j. Hadden

16th Place – Jacob Hodge & Logan Dixon – Captain Joseph Hodge

19th Place – Jake Blumling & Coleman Johnson – Captain Mark Blumling

27th Place – Matt Frey & Caleb Hudson – Captain Jeremy Hudson

Thank you to our volunteer captains for braving the tough weather conditions yesterday!

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