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Update – 4/26/21

GHSF Points Tournament #5 – Lake Lanier


LAKE HARTWELL TOURNAMENT – May 2, 2021 – Presented by Hammond’s Fishing Center

Trail Tournament #5 – Lake Lanier

We look forward to seeing everyone this Sunday at Laurel Park

  • We will crown our Anglers of the Year and the top 5 National Championship Qualifiers.
  • The weather looks great and the weights on Lanier have been outstanding.
  • Please make sure that you make fish care a top priority.  Every boat should have Fin clips, G juice and Ice.  Post spawn fish are very fragile and need extra care.  Remember a dead fish can not be culled, and will occur a ½ pound penalty.

Laurel Park – Lake Lanier

Registration opens – 5:30

All boats in the water / Rules & Safety meeting – 6:30

Blast off – 6:45 or safe light

Weigh begins at 3:00

– Registration and weigh-in will be held by the amphitheater.

Please make yourself familiar with the map of Laurel Park –

If you would like to pay via Paypal use this link:

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