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*UPDATE* May 13 –

Times and information for Sunday May 19th

– Laurel Park

– 3 Fish limit – Due to the fast rising water temps and the fact that we will be fishing out of Laurel park.

– Registration opens 4:45

– Rules meeting – 5:45

– Blast off – 6:00 or safe light

– Weigh in begins at 3:00

If you prepaid for the May Hartwell tournament your fees will carry over to this tournament.


*UPDATE* April 22 –

We will make up the April 14th Hartwell Tournament on May 19th. Stay tuned for details.


*UPDATE* April 12 –

I just got off the phone with School Safety and they just left a meeting with the National Weather service. The National Weather Service is calling for an 80% chance of Tornados in North Georgia on Sunday. With the threat of sever storms and high winds there is no way we can keep everyone safe with boating and travel to and from the ramp in mind. I have decided to go ahead and cancel the April 14th Hartwell tournament now instead of trying to get it squeezed in on Sunday.

Sorry for the inconvenience and trouble but this is a safety issue and was made with the best information I could get.

I will look into makeup options ASAP but it’s not looking good.

*UPDATE* April 12 –

Still keeping an eye on the weather for Sunday. We are going to do everything we can to fish on Sunday. I will only cancel if tornado warnings are imminent during tournament hours. I am seriously considering moving weigh in up to 12:30 as most the bad storms look like they will make the Hartwell area at 3:00. If I move up weigh in time we will most likely go to a 3 Fish limit. A final decision will not be made till Sunday Morning, so plan accordingly. Please remember that it’s the duty of each boat captain to ensure the safety of the anglers at all times.

– Due to the rain I am moving the location of registration and weigh in to the pavilion.


*UPDATE* April 10 –

I am keeping and eye on the weather for Sunday. Please keep in mind that this is Spring in the South and the weather will likely change 4 times prior to blast off on Sunday. At this time, plan on fishing as planned. If we need to make adjustments to times I will get that information out ASAP.April 14th Hartwell Trail tournament.


Registration opens at 5:15

Rules meeting on the water 6:45

Blast off 7:15

Weigh in begins at 3:00

– Make sure that you do not block the ready lane or linger in the parking lot. Last time this caused a back up and we had to delay blast off. Please register and launch ASAP.

– We will hold weigh in on the lower park closer to the ramp for this tournament.

– Please see the map for details.



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