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Saturday June 8th 2019 and Sunday June 9th 2019

Lake Chickamauga – Dayton Boat Ramp and Grill

-Open to all GHSF teams that have competed in at least 1 trail tournament this season

  • Teams that finished in the top 20 in the final points standings can fish for free.
  • Teams outside the top 20 will have to pay a $30 entry fee

-All teams will need to check in at the ramp on Saturday morning prior to blast off

  • Boat numbers will be giving in order of check in.  On day 2 the launch order will flip. (Last boat from Saturday will be the first boat on Sunday)



  • We will be sharing the ramp with another tournament on Saturday.  We will allow them to blast off first and weigh in first.


  • Teams consist of 1 or 2 High School anglers and 1 boat captain.
  • Captains must have been your captain during at least 1 trail event during the 2018-2019 season.  No local captains or guides. If you have a captain issue let me know and we can figure it out.
  • All members of the team are allowed to fish and weigh in a 5 bass limit for the team. (5 fish for the boat).  We may go to a 3 fish limit based on the water temperature when we get there. Either way make sure that you have lots of ice, and live well treatment.   
  • Size limits:
  • Largemouth – 15 inch minimum
  • Smallmouth – 18 Inch minimum – You can only weigh in 1 small mouth per day
  • Spots – 12 inch minimum
  • No live bait, all fish must be caught in a sportsmanlike manner.
  • Weigh in times will be announced at registration
  • Cumulative 2 day total weight
  • We will have a Big Bass award each day, for the lunker caught by a student angler.
  • We will also have a $10 (Optional) side pot for Big Bass each day, for a lunker caught by a captain.
  • Paid in cash at the ramp on Saturday morning – 50/50 split between Saturday and Sunday
  • Check in – Will open at 5:30 AM in the parking lot by the ramp
  • The adult must drive the boat while under power from the main engine
  • Life jacket must be worn while the boat is under power and kill switches must be attached and working.
  • Unless specifically stated here or by the tournament director all GHSF rules will apply.

Tournament director has the right to make any decisions or changes based on their best judgment.



  • Saturday


      • Check in – Will open at 5:30 AM in the parking lot by the ramp
      • Blast off around 6:45 AM
      • Weigh in  3:45 PM


  • Sunday


    • Check in – Will open at 5:30 – Just swing by and grab your boat number
    • Blast off around 6:15
    • Weigh in 3:00 PM


-Dayton Boat Ramp and Grill – 175 Lakeshore St, Dayton, TN 37321


-There are several hotels still available in Dayton.

-You can also stay in Cleveland or Hixson they are both about 30 mins. from the ramp.  

– You can contact the people at fish Dayton if you need any help with accommodations.

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