Trail #1 – Early Bird Open 2019 – Lake Lanier

Times and details for the September 15th Early Bird Open.

– Please make sure that you have completed all forms and have watched all videos prior to arriving on Tournament day.

– You can turn in forms and pay entry and/or membership fees the morning of the tournament.

– This tournament only – Rules meeting will be held at the weigh in pavilion. We will do a longer version of the rules and safety meeting and cover procedures and rules in more details and answer questions. A printable copy of the rules can be found attached and will also be available at the registration table.

– We will have a 3 fish limit for this tournament. We usually go 5 fish.

– 14 inch minimum

– Blast off order is determined by the order you complete check in. Boat #1 is the first boat registered, boat #2 is the second boat and so on.


5:00 AM – Registration opens

6:15 AM – Mandatory rules/safety meeting – At the weigh in pavilion.

6:45 AM – All boats in the water

7:15 AM – Or safe light – Blast off

3:00 PM – Flight #1 check in time

3:15 PM – Flight #2 check in time

3:30 PM – Flight #3 check in time


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